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2025 All-State Production Info Packet

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Director - Marty Strohmeyer

Technical Director - Jonathan Hartley

Choreographer - Ellen Isom

Vocal Director - Greg Schweizer

Production Manager - Nicole Voss

(38 students; 23 schools)

CAST LIST  (26) 

Charity Hope Valentine - Olivia Canovi, Staley HS

Oscar - Gabriel Palmer, Hickman HS

Nikki - Adriana Tervort, Liberty HS

Helene - Makenna Dohrmann, Liberty HS

Vittorio Vidal - Drew Mathers, Marquette HS

Herman and others - Fynn McDermott, Francis Howell HS

Daddy Brubeck and others - Caden Barner, Liberty North HS

Ursula and others - Sophie Yilmaz, Farmington HS

Carmen and others - Taylor Lee, Hickman HS

Rosie and others - Anna Schatte, Helias Catholic HS

Suzanne and others - Leila Chettfour, Parkway South HS

Frenchy and others - Addison Melton, Hickman HS

Betsy and others - Claire Huntley, Helias Catholic HS

Elaine and others - Anna Stichter, St. Charles West High School HS

Alice and others - Olivia Dolton, Liberty HS

Dance Hall Hostess and others - Brooke Scheidler, Marquette HS

Dance Hall Hostess and others - Samantha Schoolman, Notre Dame Regional HS

YMCA Receptionist and others - Allison Rice, Clever HS

Manfred and others - Luke Engel, Fairgrove HS

Ice Cream Vendor and others - Joe McCurdy, Parkway West HS

Barney and others - Riley Givens, Republic HS

Baseball Player and others - Jack Delong, Lee Summit West HS

First Young Man and others - Henry Chackes, Marquette HS

Dirty Old man and others - Tommy Monaco, Liberty North HS

First Cop and others - Andrew Russell, Farmington HS

Second Cop and others - Tony Monaco, Liberty North HS

TECH LIST   (12)

Assistant TD- Lizzy Forget, Visitation Academy

Stage Manager - Celia Giles, Maplewood Richmond Heights HS

ASM / Props - Juliana Rodgers, Parkway West HS

ASM / Stage Crew - Alexa Malone, Liberty North HS

Set Construction - Lucia Puerto, Clayton HS

Alyssa Jurgens, Notre Dame HS

Sound - Kennedy Medling, Sullivan HS

Lights - Dylan Evans, Parkway South HS 

  Adalynn Osborn, Joplin HS

Costumes - Samantha Wurst, Fort Zumwalt North HS

Hair/Make-Up - Sheila Ramirez, Neosho HS 

   Maecie Liska, Republic HS

ALL-STATE APPLICATION PROPOSAL for future productions- Open Feb 1st-July 15th
Questions should be directed to