About Us

Mission/Vision : To foster a strong foundation of theatre as an essential component of every student's education.


Missouri State Thespians is affiliated with the Educational Theatre Association and its student organization the International Thespian Society. Established in 1972, our purpose has remained the same: to aid in the advancement and improvement of theatre arts in schools in the State of Missouri. We feature Thespians from all corners of the state who share the same love and passion for theatre. MO Thespians believe in theatre - especially high school theatre as a vital growing faction of life and education for our students. Drama, compassion, intelligence, humor - all are evident in our high school and college programs. The wide range of opportunities offered by Missouri State Thespians is represented in our site. Here you will find a network of friends and colleagues - actors and techies - eager to connect with you. Furthermore, you can register for our upcoming conference, see previous award winners, view pictures, and catch the latest newsletter.

If you are not a member of International Thespians, go to schooltheatre.org (Educational Theatre Association) to learn how you can join. And always, if you have questions, contact me.

Jennifer Forrest-James
Chapter Director
Missouri State Thespians