Honor Troupe

All questions regarding Honor Troupe should be directed to

Tabatha Babcock at tbabcock@bsd124.org

Honor Troupe recognizes troupes that do outstanding work in their school and/or community and achieve a high level of excellence, both on and off stage. However, Missouri Thespians recognize that circumstances for theatre departments in the state greatly differed in their ability to make theatre happen in their communities this past school year. Therefore, we have decided that this year’s Honor Troupe will be more of a celebration of how each school provided creative and unique theatrical experiences for their students and community. Schools interested in applying for Honor Troupe this year will need to create a 2-3 minute presentation of how they kept theatre alive in their school. Schools will present for a room of other potential Honor Troupes and may need to participate in a question and answer session immediately following the presentation. Presentations should be a visual representation of what they accomplished in theatre this past school year. Electronic presentations are preferred since you will be sharing with a large group. Any school that participates in the Honor Troupe presentation workshops at Leadership will automatically receive preliminary Honor Troupe status this year. However, official Honor Troupe status is still dependent on registration status and overall code of conduct.